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Top Tools for Managing a Remote Team

Reactjs Aglowid Level 2
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In today’s trending Techworld, remote development teams have become quite frequent and beneficial for both Developers and companies.

For the company, a remote team means reduced costs, as it can save on office rent and hardware and for the team members, working remotely means more freedom in choosing the time and place for working.

As per the client perspective, it doesn’t matter whether the team is working remotely or in-house; the product must be delivered on time with quality work. It is the responsibility of the project manager to find a way to set up effective remote teamwork to ensure timely and consistent delivery.


Managing a remote team is not that easy compared to the in-house team, so let’s have a look over the list of top tools for your team collaboration and project management.

Best Tools for Communication


  • Sqwiggle provides you with a random photo snapshot throughout the day, which will keep you connected to each other and chat with any member with just one click.


  • Join.me will provide you with instant screen sharing, including free audio & video conferencing by making this application very useful.

Google Hangouts: 

  • Google Hangouts provides you free access to video, voice, & messaging for individual communication or a team. It can also easily sync across multiple devices and record calls and save as YouTube videos.


  • Skype It is one of the old Application tools when it comes to internet communication, also you can use it locally and globally for video call, voice call, instant message and for a conference call all from the mobile app or Skype desktop.


  • Slack is one of the best tools for team communication. It will provide you with an on-chat interface where you can easily converse to each other publically through channels or even privately through instant messages.
  • You can easily share files, access archives, and able to create private & public reminders. In compare to slack, there are few apps which can integrate in the same way, such as Clubbie.io, which bridges the gap between Slack and email.


  • You can use quip to host all of your communication in one common location. In quip, you don’t have to use email back and forth so on. It will also provide you with services such as sharing tasks, spreadsheets, checklists, both online and offline.


  •  Jell is useful while you are working remotely, over multiple time zones, and it will provide you with a good overview for each team members status. You can also integrate with slack for using it more efficiently.

Best Tools for Project Management


  • Trello is one of the best project management tools; it has been favored by many for a team project. It keeps things from slipping through the cracks.

Here, we have two types of Trello boards:

  1. One board for each team. Examples: Marketing, Customer Support, etc.
  2. One board for each individual, ongoing projects. Examples: Start-up Journey Blog, Customer Support Blog, Product Roadmap

Google Apps: 

  • Google Apps provides professional email address to each of your team members. You can easily access the central storage hub and sync up with any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.


  • Canva is useful for you while working on visual graphics together. It will provide you with a beautiful, easy to create designs, cohesive and collaborative across multiple devices and time zones.

Google Drive:

  • Google Drive helps you to keep your content and other company docs in one place. You can save multiple blogs, guest posts and thousands of emails going out each year.
  • You can use Google Drive as a repository for all of it, such as inherently collaborative, easily organisable and instantly searchable.


  • You can easily use Asana to host your project tasks, communications. There are big firms such as Uber, Pinterest, Airbnb using it for their projects plotting and tracking.


  • Workamajig is an app tool which can store everything related to your projects. You will also get updates, an overview of project tasks, and organize team member availability.


  • Meistertask is free, intuitive and flexible, which you can use over multiple devices and enables an instant conversation between team members.


  •  Apollo is used for scheduling your team’s tasks, track time for collaborating with ease.

Best Tools for Security



  • 1Password is useful for your organization, which they won’t need to remember. You can easily onboard new team members and see an overview of permissions. Currently free in beta.

Document Editing and Wikis

  • Confluence: Confluence is used as a Content collaboration software that modifies modern teamwork. 


  • Draft is used for sharing your document, any modification your collaborator makes are on their copy of the documents so that you can get to ignore & accept each change they make.


  • Etherpad is a highly customizable open-source online editor providing collaborative editing in real-time.

Google Docs: 

  • In Google Docsyou can create a new document and also able to edit it at the same time from multiple devices.
  • Your staff can easily be done online or offline, and it also provides you with word files for editing documents.

I hope that this post has given you some ideas for tools that can help your team be more productive, and you can also read The Ultimate Guide to Hire Remote Developers for your next project.




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